At Carterville, we believe that worship is more than just singing or playing an instrument, true worship is focusing one’s heart, mind, and soul completely on the Lord.  This focused foundation influences the various aspects of Carterville’s worship ministry including: Worship Choir, Worship Team, Worship Band, Children’s Choir, and seasonal worship events at Christmas and Easter.


Carterville’s Worship Ministry…

Strives for authentic and genuine worship. We intentionally select music for each Sunday that will connect with our congregation and lead them into a meaningful time of worship.

Seeks to enhance the worshipper’s experience by utilizing familiar hymns as well as modern worship music. We love the theology and the texts of hymns as well as the freshness of contemporary worship music. We have found that our musical identity emerges in the convergence of those two styles.

Supports multi-generational worship. We believe our music ministry should be a representation of our entire church.  As a result, we encourage people of all ages to worship together, and we love that we are a place where grandparents can worship beside their children and grandchildren.