Carterville Cafe

Financial Peace University (sign up required)

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Fellowship Hall 102

DURATION: 9 weeks

GROUP TYPE: Co-ed Group

LEADER: Stephen George

Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. For over 25 years, Dave Ramsey’s been teaching commonsense, biblical money principles that work. Join us as we learn to steward our money well to God's glory. Sign up and a $50 fee is required.

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Fellowship Hall 104

DURATION: 13 Weeks

GROUP TYPE: Co-ed Group

LEADER: Tory Bass and others

Celebration of Discipline explores the "classic Disciplines," or central
spiritual practices, of the Christian faith. Along the way, Foster shows that
it is only by and through these practices that the true path to spiritual
growth can be found.

A Living Hope in Christ – A Study of 1 Peter by Jen Wilkin

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Quad Room 2


GROUP TYPE: Women's Bible Study

LEADER: Tammy Rainey and Amanda Corley

Our inheritance through Christ is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. In 1 Peter, a man of faith and flaws and an eyewitness to the life of Christ challenges us to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance. He ultimately helps readers discover what it means to experience the Living Hope they have in Christ.

"Boundaries with Kids" by Henry Cloud

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Quad Room 1


GROUP TYPE: Co-ed Group

LEADER: Shawn and Kate Hampton

Yes, you CAN say no to your child and still be a loving parent. Discover how boundaries make parenting better today! Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend take you through the ins and outs of instilling the kind of character in your children that will help them lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives.

Gospel Foundations: Book of John

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Fellowship Hall 114


GROUP TYPE: Co-Ed Bible Study

LEADER: Bubba Howell

The Bible is not a collection of scattered stories and books. From cover to cover, it is the story of God’s plan to redeem sinners through Jesus - the gospel. It is about God, man, Jesus, and response. Learn of God’s love for mankind, from creation to rebirth in Christ.

Journey Into Becoming All That God Wants You to Be | A Study of Colossians

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Reception Hall 104


GROUP TYPE: Men's Bible Study

LEADER: Jerry McKinley

Join us in our study of the book of Colossians. Colossians is short—only four chapters—but it is a power-packed book that tells us how to become all God wants us to be.

Worship Choir Rehearsal

START DATE: January 5, 2022

LOCATION: Choir Room


GROUP TYPE: Worship Choir

LEADER: Kris Smith

Prepare to lead the congregation in praise and worship as you grow individually. Work with others to use the gifts and talents that God has given you to glorify Him and encourage others to do the same through corporate worship.