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We are thrilled to be able to meet in-person again. If you’re not quite comfortable joining us physically yet, you can still join us virtually. Here’s everything you need to lead worship in your house on Sunday mornings. Remember that you and your family will get out of this what you put into it. We encourage you to take extra steps to engage – put phones away, be sure to finish your breakfast before you sit down, and plan to give your undivided attention to the Lord.

Worship Livestream

If you’d like to join us via the livestream, click the link below to take you directly to it. If you have questions or need help accessing it, you can call our church phone number at 601.545.1010 to get assistance before and during the service.

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Kids’ Worship Sheet

We have a new resource available for children! This sheet is an interactive sheet for your child during the worship service. It asks them questions to keep them engaged.

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Online Giving

Your continued tithes and offerings are what will allow us to continue to do ministry. The link below will take you to our website where you can put in your credit card information to tithe. If you’d like to donate to a specific offering, you can also do that.

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